PTO Volunteers


Volunteer Guidelines


We are incredibly grateful for our parent volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer to be a room parent, to correct papers, or to come in to volunteer doing secretarial work or working with a small group, please let us know!  When the time comes for field trips, chaperones are chosen on a first come, first served basis.  THE DISTRICT POLICY IS THAT ANY VOLUNTEER NEEDS TO GET A TB TEST AND SUBMIT IT TO THE SCHOOL NURSE.  If you got a TB test when your child was in Kindergarten, it expired this year.

Any and all documents being distributed MUST be approved by the office. This includes room parent notes. In some cases, flyers need to be submitted to the district office for approval. This policy is not to be mean, or tell you what to say. Rather, it is to facilitate communication. When parents have a question the first place they turn is the office. If staff doesn’t know about it, then the parent isn’t helped and everyone walks away frustrated. Plus, Cheryl is really good at finding typos.

All flyers for the Monday envelopes must be approved, copied and turned into the office by Friday at 3:00 the week before, so plan ahead. In the event that copies are not ready until Monday morning, you will need to put them into the teachers’ boxes yourself by recess. Anything distributed after recess will not make that weeks’ envelope. (Early Birds go home before lunch and those teachers do not have another chance to check their boxes.)

DO NOT hand deliver copies to individual classrooms. This disturbs the class - even if you just “sneak in” and don’t say a word. Teachers and students lose valuable teaching time. This policy applies to EVERYONE! This is probably the biggest single complaint I get from the teachers. Again—plan ahead and get those flyers in the boxes early. 

When distributing information, make the copies double sided whenever possible. The copy machine has this feature, so this is easily accomplished. If you don’t know how to use it, just ask! We would be happy to show you. If the teachers’ single biggest complaint is people interrupting their class, the parents’ biggest complaint is “all the junk” they get in their Monday envelope. Not only does double-sided copies save paper, it’s less overwhelming to parents.

Use PTO paper for all flyers. Reams can be found in the Scrip room in a wide array of colors.

Please forward all flyers and other information to Tara Yager, our Webmaster, for posting on the PTO website:  PLAVAN WEBMASTER. It may take a few days to post so again, plan ahead.

Do not use the classrooms off the media center as a hallway. Please go outside and go around to get to the outer rooms.

Remember to sign-in at the office and get a sticker.

Children are not allowed in the copy room. This is for their safety as there is a lot of sharp and sensitive equipment.

Do not use your cell phone in the office, classrooms or anywhere children are present.

Turn your cell phone to silent or vibrate.

Thank you!!! The time you spend helping our students and your commitment to the school make a huge difference.