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Membership Toolkit Website - click on the link to go to the Membership Toolkit Website for Plavan PTO
Co-President  // Vanessa Batten //
Co-President // Tina Leroux //
1st Vice President, Membership // Ron Garcia //
3rd Vice President, Fundraising // Kimberly Romero //
Secretary // Dorothy Luong //
Treasurer //  Robyn Liger //
Parlimentarian // Phu Nguyen //
Room Parent Coordinator // Sally Pham //
Art Masters Chair // Tara Yager //
Box Top Chair // Nichole Nguyen //
Communication Chair // Sally Pham //
Hospitality Chair // Mindy Olson //
Outdoor Ed Committee Chair // Trinh Pham //
Outdoor Ed Fundraiser Chair // Kimberly Romero // 
After School Program Chair // Emily To //
Yearbook & Book Fair Chair // Jamie Yeung //
Dine Out Chair // Cindi Mai //


Co-President //

The President shall preside at all general and board meetings and be the ex officio of all committees. The President shall be responsible for the organization's annual report and is authorized to counter-sign checks. Oversee all Board meetings and Assemblies. Work closely with all VP's. Help reach goals of committees. Work closely with the School on anything that affects the school. Oversee all correspondence that goes out with PTO LOGO or anything pertaining to the PTO.

1st Vice President //

The First VP shall assist the President and assist the duties of the President in his/her absence. The First VP acts as volunteer coordinator and attends district related volunteer coordinating activities.

2rd Vice President //

The Second VP shall be a Plavan Staff member and shall act as a liason between the PTO and the school staff

3rd Vice President //

The Third VP shall chair the fundraising committee and coordinate all PTO sponsored events.

Secretary //

The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all General Membership meetings and Executive Board meetings and prepare copies of minutes as designed in the PTO bylaws.

Treasurer //

The Treasurer shall receive and deposit all monies for the organization, pay all bills with approval, counter-sign all checks, keep accounting records and present a current accounting at each general and board meeting. He/she shall file all non-profit tax returns and necessary IRS forms and participate in biannual audits.

Parlimentarian //

The Parliamentarian shall give necessary procedural advice at all general and board meetings. He/she shall call the first meeting of the Nomination committee and act as Chairman. The Parliamentarian also acts as the Chairman of the Bylaws committee.

Room Parent Coordinator //

Room Parent Coordinator shall coordinate all Room Parent responsibilities, ensure all Teachers have room parents and assist all Room parents in their roles and responsibilities.

Box Top Chair //

Recruit volunteers as needed for Box Top Committee. Promote participation of the box tops for education program. Collect and submit the box tops twice a year.

Communication Chair //

Recruit volunteers for Communications Committee. Work with principal and president to publicize events, create posts and content on PTO website, social media outlets year-round.

Hospitality Chair //

Recruit volunteers as needed for Hospitality Committee. Plan and organize luncheons/brunch for staff and teachers for: 1) Back to School Staff Breakfast; 2) Teacher Appreciation Luncheon and 3) Staff Appreciation Luncheon on Administrative Day

Outdoor Ed Committee Chair //

The Outdoor Education Coordinator is the main liaison between Arrowhead Ranch, Plavan Principal, 5th grade teachers, PTO board, and the Outdoor Education committee.

 Chair //

Work with principal and president to research and coordinate after school programs that will help enrich our students.

Yearbook Chair //

Recruit volunteers as needed for Yearbook Committee. Committee is responsible for taking pictures throughout the year aat various events, plan and design the yearbook, coordinating orders, organizing the yearbook and verifying the accuracy of the information included in the yearbook.










Plavan gets ten cents for every box top turned in by our school!

Every box top helps, so don't forget to turn in those sheets! The more we collect, the more money we earn!

Need a collection sheet? Click here to print one:

Box Tops Collection Sheets


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