Front Row Math/Reading

I have found an awesome new online Math program that is aligned to the new Common Core Math standards for the kids to use.  Front Row Math allows the kids to log in either on an iPad (through a free app) or online (works in Chrome only) and practice skills they are learning at school. Parents or students can select a topic they would like to practice.  The program will give a baseline assessment test and then place them where they need the most practice. The program self-adjusts based on their performance.  I can monitor their work and send home feedback to parents as often as you would like it. I would like for the kids to log in at least 2-3 times per week to work on their math skills. There are a lot of fun manipulatives and games built in to the program for the kids to use as rewards for working on their math skills.

Student Log in options:

Your students have two options to log into Front Row in two ways:

Our default class code is: wkb427