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Mission Statement

Plavan Core Values

  • Love ALL STUDENTS!!!
  • Focus on the “whole” student 
  • Consistency & Alignment *Signature Practices*
  • Teamwork around learning & Collaboration around data
  • Strive to be happy  




Plavan community will: 

* Create an environment where all students are given opportunities to be successful to the best of their abilities 

* Implement consistent, academic programs that will be cohesive across all grade levels 

* Take ownership and responsibility for teaching and learning 

* Share in critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity through our school-wide programs and curriculum in preparation for 21st-century learning 

* When appropriate, utilize technology as a learning tool for acquiring, analyzing, and applying information in preparation for college and career readiness 

Socially & Emotionally: 

Plavan community will: 

* Take part in a shared responsibility as we support each other as a team 

* Follow our school-wide R.O.A.R. standards - Respectful, On-Task, Always Safe, Responsible. 

* Follow the Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS) framework to promote individual and collaborative success. 

* Foster a love of learning that focuses on the whole child 

* Build a positive working relationship between all members of our community 

* Show mutual respect towards our common goal of student achievement & well being 

* Demonstrate cultural sensitivity and respect towards real-world issues and challenges 

* Display problem-solving abilities in working with others