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Welcome to 2nd Grade!


Dear Parents and Students,

       Welcome to Room 14! I am thrilled that you will be in my class this year. I view the school year as a partnership between you, the family, and myself. It is my goal to help your child grow, learn and progress as much as possible, both academically and socially. I strive to create a warm and positive learning environment in the classroom so that your child can best take advantage of the opportunities for growth this year.

       This year, our class will be run on a money system. The students will have the opportunity to earn and spend classroom money throughout the year. Money will be rewarded for outstanding behavior, completing work, parent signatures, and anything that may demonstrate scholarly behavior. However, students may lose money for making poor decisions, not being prepared for class, behavior issues, and any other fines that may be implemented per our class discussion. Second grade students in our room will have the opportunity to purchase items that are on sale in our classroom’s store.

       A simple way to demonstrate scholarly behavior is to be prepared for class. Attached is a list of supplies that will help you be prepared. Please bring your supplies no later than Wednesday, September 11th.

       I have also attached a parent questionnaire that will help me to better know your child. Please take the time to complete and return it no later than Wednesday, September 11th. Your candid response will help me better adjust the class to meet the needs of all students.

       I also want to encourage you to become involved this year in any way possible. I am looking for volunteers to help out in the classroom and at home. If you are available, please let me know (another survey is attached).

       I look forward to meeting you when we have Back-to-School Night on Thursday, September 12th. I will be going over our daily routine, classroom expectations, and curriculum at that time. Sign-ups for fall conferences will also be held. Please feel free to email me:


[email protected]


       Once again, I am looking forward to a great school year!



                                                          Kristen Booth