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Lunch Rules

Lunch Rules

Please discuss with students prior to lunch:

 Each teacher will walk their class to their assigned lunch table and the lunch line staging area. Make sure students are orderly and calm before you leave them at the tables and the lunch line.

 When in the lunch line staging area, stand in a quite and polite manner.  .


 Students must sit at their assigned tables.


 Sit down to eat.  Do not kneel or stand on the lunch tables.


 Talk quietly and use good table manners.  Do not play with the food.


 Throw away all trash and put lunch pails in the proper area.


 Raise hand to be excused from the lunch table.  Stay at the table until excused by the noon duty aides.  Students at clean, quiet tables will be excused first.


 Walk quietly out to the playground.


 Have a GREAT lunch!