Enrollment Open NOW for New Students Gr 1-5 (not yet attending Plavan) Enrollment Information for Upcoming 2023/24 School Year

Step 1, Let's determine if you reside in Plavan's attendance boundaries by going to: https://locator.decisioninsite.com/?StudyID=186948
If you do not resident in Plavan's attendance boundaries, please go to https://www.fvsd.us/apps/pages/transfers to learn about the transfer process.  Intra-District Transfer deadline is March 17.  Inter-District Transfer deadline is April 30, after which a wait list will be created.
Step 2, if you do reside in Plavan's attendance area, www.plavan.fvsd.us click on the Parent Tab, and go to New Student Enrollment, follow the instructions carefully and bring in, email to [email protected], or place in drop box (but not Friday evenings or weekends) your student's enrollment packet including all of the necessary documents (you will have approximately 14 pages printed out from the 2 step pre-enrollment process), and your child's proof of age, vaccination/immunization record, 2 proofs of residency (from the approved list on the pre-enrollment page), and your government issued photo identification.  If your child's/children's enrollment packet is complete, you will wait for Step 3.  If your enrollment packet is not complete, you will be given a checklist of items needed, and asked to return prior to our office prior to us closing for the summer at the end of June to complete your child's enrollment.  Students without a complete enrollment packet will not be assigned a teacher and will not be able to start school on the 1st day of school.  
Step 3, you will receive a re-registration letter in July of 2023 letting you know how to go about creating your parent portal and set up Emergency Contact information for your student.  That letter will also have information on our Re-Registration Day where you will drop off your student's emergency card in exchange for his/her teacher/classroom assignment. The Parent Portal/Registration System goes live beginning August 1.  If you do not receive a letter in July, please contact the school office upon re-opening date to be determined, so we may get you your parent portal letter.  Please make sure you give us an accurate, current residence address for your student, as well as a current email address and phone number.