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Supply Lists


We are asking all families to please donate the following items to your classroom.  Please know that this is a request and not a requirement, anything you can contribute will be appreciated.  These items will be left at school and shared with our entire class. We thank you so much for all of your help and support!

  - #2 Ticonderoga Pencils (12 count box)

- 2, 16 or 24 pack Crayola Crayons

- 8 pack Crayola Washable Markers

- 2, 4oz. bottle of Elmers Clear GEL Glue or Crayola No Clog Tip School Glue

- 1 role of paper towels

- 1 box of tissues


  • 1 container disinfecting wipes
  • 1 ream of white copy paper
  • 1 ream of cardstock white or colored

1st Grade School Supplies

Dear Incoming 1st Grade Parents,

          Congratulations to your child on completing Kindergarten! To get ready for the big move to 1st grade, below are suggested items you may purchase.

          We look forward to working with your child next year. Have a great summer!


1st grade teachers

  1. Ticonderoga brand pencils
  2. 1 ream of white copy paper
  3. Disinfecting wipes
  4. Box of tissues
  5. Expo dry erase markers
  6. Crayons
  7. Glue sticks
  8. Big pink erasers
2nd Grade School Supplies

Here is a suggested list of supplies for 2nd Grade:

1.  A 3-ring binder - please be sure it has metal rings and is at between 1” and 1 1/2” thick

2.  Two pocket folders that are hole-punched to be kept in the binder

3.  Please bring pencils to school. Pencils should be brought in throughout the year

4.  Markers, colored pencils, crayons, and a highlighter

5.  a small stapler/staples

6.  pair of “kid” scissors

7.  glue sticks

8.  manual pencil sharpener (one that catches the shavings)

9.  erasers

10.  A box of Kleenex to be shared (more than one would be great!)

11.  A book to read every day  

12.  disinfectant wipes for desks would be appreciated

3rd Grade School Supplies

Suggested Items:

     Several sharpened pencils with erasers.  (Ticonderoga pencils are expensive         

     but they are the best.)


     Pencil sharpener

     Correcting pens in any color except black

     2 highlighters

     Markers, broad tip

     Glue sticks (2 or 3, preferably 1.27 oz.)


     Metric ruler

     2 Expo, dry erase markers

     Clean sock or rag to use as an eraser for whiteboards

     150 ct. Wide ruled paper

     24 ct. box of Crayola crayons

     2 spiral notebooks (70 sheet count, wide ruled)

     A zippered pouch to hold these items (pencil boxes are too bulky and do not fit     

     in desks)

     A backpack


Classroom Donations:

     Handy wipes/Clorox wipes

    Box of tissues

    Ream of white copy paper


**Parents:  We will provide the students with a homework folder and a planner

Please do not send binders or pencil boxes with your child.  These are often too bulky to fit inside your child’s desk.

4th Grade School Supplies

Dear Parents,

          Welcome to fourth grade at Plavan Elementary School.  As we begin our year together, we anticipate a busy and productive time in fourth grade.  The Fourth Grade team will be working to provide a variety of learning experiences for your child as they progress through the Fourth Grade year.  We welcome each family as a partner in the fourth grade program.  To ensure success, communication is important.  To help the students be prepared for class each day and become more organized, they are requested to have the following materials in class.



  • #2 Soft Lead Pencil
  • Ball Point Pen (Blue, Black, or Green)
  • Highlighter (only one)
  • Glue Stick or Elmer’s Glue
  • Dry Erase Marker (only one, please no yellow or orange)
  • Binder with pockets (1 in.: no bigger, no smaller)
    • Please no Trapper Keepers
  • Dividers (At least 5 unmarked dividers
    • Please do not label at home, we will do in class
  • Lined Paper (Wide Ruled Filler Paper 8.5” x 10”)
  • 3 x 5 index cards
  • 1 clean sock (to use as erasers on whiteboards)
  • 12 set Colored markers, or 24 set crayons, or 12 set colored pencils

Optional (Donations to the Class):

  • Box of Tissues
  • Antibacterial Wipes (please non aloe)
  • Antibacterial Gel (please non aloe)
  • Lined Paper (Wide Ruled 8.5 x 10)
  • Staples
  • 3 x 5 Index Cards
  • Band-aids
  • #2 Pencils
  • Zip lock bags (Sandwich size)


Please do not bring other materials (ex. tape, ruler, stapler…) that are not on the list; sadly there is just not enough room in the desk.

     We are dedicated to making this a successful year for all the students.  Please return all notices, paper, emergency cards, and signatures promptly.  During “Back to School” night we will explain in further details our standards, procedures, and exciting curriculum.

     We look forward to working with your child this year and meeting you soon!

5th Grade School Supplies

Dear Parents,

            These are the supplies that we SUGGEST your upcoming 5th grader should come with during the first week of school. These materials will help the students be prepared for class each day and become more organized & responsible.

                                                            Thank you,

                                                            The Fifth Grade Team


SUGGESTED supplies:

- 2” three ring binder (no zip-up binders or anything fancy)

- pack of unmarked dividers (no folder pocket dividers)

- 150 sheet pack of wide ruled lined paper

- 2 wide ruled spiral notebooks 

- #2 pencils

- small hand held pencil sharpener

- eraser

- colored pens for correcting

- mini Post-it notes

- glue sticks

- highlighters (3 or 4 different colors)

- 8 count box of fine markers

- 12 count box of colored pencils

- scissors

- dry erase board markers (no orange or yellow)

- small clean sock or cloth to wipe white boards


optional (donations to the class):

- box of tissues

- Clorox wipes

- baby wipes

- hand sanitizer/antibacterial gel

- Ziploc bags (of any size)